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Apparatus Certification


The Lab Pilates Apparatus Certification is a 600 hour course covering the Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac Pilates apparatus. Our extremely contemporary approach focuses of the on the development of the eye and intellect of the instructor to properly access postural imbalances and apply the most effective exercise selection possible to rebalance the body of each individual client.

Students are encouraged to utilize the primary principles of Pilates to innovate new exercises using the incredibly versatile equipment. Our goal is to prepare and inspire our instructors to constantly add to the growth of the Pilates community and to their own practice in the most mindful and effective way possible.

Two written and two practical exams are administered during the course of the 600 hour certification to insure the student is on the right track and to guide toward highlighting the natural strengths and improving the any possible weakness. Written materials cover the history of Pilates, anatomy as it relates to the Pilates exercises, Planes of movement, modifications, special populations, assessment and evaluation of clients at their first session as well as cues, set up, purpose and modifications for all the reformer, chair and Cadillac exercises contained in the course.

Class size is limited to 6 participants to insure proper instruction and individual attention.

Prerequisite: The Lab Mat Certification
Hourly Breakdown:

  • 40 Hours Lecture
  • 60 Hours Homework
  • 50 Hours Observation
  • 50 Hours Self Practice
  • 150 Hours Apprentice Teaching
  • 250 Hours Probationary Teaching

Lecture Time: Wednesdays between 1pm and 5pm
Study Materials:

  1. 2 Reformer DVD’s
  2. 1 Wunda Chair DVD
  3. 1 Cadillac DVD
  4. 1 Study binder covering all written material

Required Reading: The Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Callais
Cost: $5500 includes all study materials and testing, work-study is available.
Class Size: 6 Max
Class Dates: Please call the Lab for updates on our next Certification Class.

Core Suspension 101 with TRX System

The Lab puts a mind/body spin on the original TRX certification by adding Pilates’ muscular activation and postural placement to every exercise.

Using the TRX core suspension straps this versatile workout can be done anywhere from a client’s home, at the gym or in any outdoor space with a sturdy attachment for the TRX unit. The low price and easy portability of the TRX unit makes it the only tool the trainer on the go needs to accomplish all their client’s goals. It also makes it an amazing addition to any group fitness program as this workout also lends itself beautifully to the group fitness energy and environment.

The final exam consists of a round robin teaching workshop where in the participants teach the group and an individual selected exercises.

Prerequisite: A nationally recognized personal training, Yoga or Pilates certification.
Hourly Requirement: 8 Hours
Study Materials:

  • 1 DVD of the 37 Core Suspension 101 Exercise Series
  • 1 study booklet covering all written materials plus set up cues and modifications for all 37 Core Suspension exercises including a photo essay

Cost: $250
20% Discount for Lab Pilates/Personal Training Mentor Students.
Class Size: 12 Max
Class Dates: All the class dates sections should allow us to post dates as they are decided upon.

Core Suspension Pilates Mat

The Lab has developed this unique certification using the TRX Core Suspension straps in conjunction with the 27 Pilates Mat exercises to add a new element of balance, suspension and challenge to contemporary Pilates Mat work.

The course reviews proper abdominal activation, pelvic and scapular stabilization as it applies to Pilates Mat work and the Core Suspension apparatus. This is the perfect continuing education for students who are certified in Pilates Mat and are looking to take their training to a higher level. This work lends itself well to Pilates instructors working with clients on location as well as in a group fitness or studio environment.

Prerequisite: A nationally recognized Pilates Mat Certification
Hourly requirements: 8 Hours
Study Materials:

  • 1 DVD of the 27 Core Suspension Pilates Mat exercises
  • 1 study booklet covering all written material as well as set up, cues, modifications and avoidances for all 27 Core Suspension Pilates Mat exercises with photo essays.

Cost: $250
20% discount for all Lab Pilates Mat or Apparatus Certified students.
Class Size: 12 Max

Mat Certification

The Lab Pilates Mat Certification is a 20 hour course designed to teach the 16 Mat fundamentals and 27 Mat exercises in a manner that focuses on form, solid use of all the planes of movement, fluid cueing and a sharp eye to insure a highly professional and challenging class.

Modifications designed to make the exercises more or less difficult are studied for each exercise in order to allow the new instructor to work with a wide range of client proficiency, injuries as well as special populations.

A history of Pilates and well as an overview of anatomy as it applies to the Pilates exercises is included in the course of study. Class size is limited to 10 participants to insure personal attention and an extremely rewarding certification experience.

Written and practical final exams are administered at the end of the weekend.

Prerequisite: 2 years of personal study of contemporary Pilates Mat work.
Time: Fridays from 3pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 1pm-8pm
Study Materials:

  • 1 DVD of 16 Mat Fundamentals
  • 1 DVD of 27 Mat Exercises
  • 1 Study binder covering all written material as well as photo essays of all exercises

Cost: $975 includes all study materials and testing (work-study is not accepted)
Class Size: 10 Max
Class Dates: Please call the Lab for updates on our next Certification Class.

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