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All the instructors at The Lab in the Dumbo hood of Brooklyn, are graduates of our programs and most have been with the studio for 2-9 years. As the owner and founder of the company I maintain a client base and teach group classes at the location. I’m always accessible to clients and keep an ever-watchful eye on our trainers. All trainers are dual certified in Pilates and Personal Training and the trainers teach the group classes as well so it’s not unusual to have the same instructor for several different offerings. They’re all geniuses or they don’t get hired. Each trainer is encouraged to use their experience and background in addition to the education they received to make them the most well-rounded instructor possible.  Most come from a dance or Yoga background so we’ve got some beautiful and interesting staff. Since the trainers are so knowledgable, many sessions are hybrids of Personal training and Pilates, and the trainers can assess the client and give them whatever they want on any given day. This helps us maintain our client base so we’ve been steadily growing over the years.  Whatever the modality all sessions emphasize posture, alignment, flexibility as well as massive ass kicking.

Private Sessions & Offerings


The Lab in Dumbo practices Contemporary Pilates designed to restore the natural curvature of the spine while rebalancing the muscles around the joints. Pilates will build strength and power while improving posture and flexibility. All Pilates Instructors are certified by The Teaching Lab a 600 hour course of study recognized by The Pilates Method Alliance.

Apprentice Pilates

As students work thru The Teaching Lab Pilates Certification they will serve apprentice hours at a reduced rate. This option is only appropriate for healthy clients with no special needs and the specific understanding that they are not working with a fully certified instructor.

Personal Training

Tell your trainer all about your fitness fantasies and then let them go to work- on you! The Lab is equipped with the very best trainers and equipment to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. De-stress, get your college body back, kick you brother-in-law’s a$s in b-ball, run a marathon, wear a bikini in your Facebook profile pic… just be careful what you wish for…

Cardio/Strength Circuit

Go thru the circuit on your own or use Podcasts to guide you. The choice is yours. The Lab has designed the circuit to fulfill all your fitness needs in 55 minutes. The cardio equipment is set up to work your entire body in various positions and intensities. Stay on each machine for 4-6 minutes and intersperse with sets on the strength training equipment. Work your way through the entire circuit and end up in the stretching cage for a nice long stretch. You will get a total body cardio/strength/flexibility workout, avoid boredom and injuries associated with repetitive stress syndromes. And yes., we actually lock you in the cage and make you stretch… it’s good for you… you’ll thank us later.


Yoga at the Lab is about creating balance in the body by developing both strength and flexibility. Lab Yoga Techs offer sessions in many styles of Yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Anusara Yoga. Whether your desire is to chill out from your psychotic work week, or to look as ripped as Madonna, Lab Yoga Techs can take you there.

In Home

Don’t like to leave the house? We get it. We offer Pilates, Personal Training and Yoga in the privacy of your home. We can train you in the gym of your building or in your living room with easy to use props. Maximize your time with the expertise of our Lab instructors.

Price List

Personal Training, Pilates, and Yoga Sessions prices effective Oct. 1 2014
Single Session $115
Single Session w/ owner $145
Intro 3 Pack $180
Semi Private 10 Pack $500
Semi Private 10 Pack w/ owner $625
Private 10 Pack $950
Private 10 Pack w/owner $1200
Apprentice 10 Pack $450
Quickie 10 Pack (30 min.) $500
Cardio/Strength Circuit/Classes

All new clients enjoy a FREE week of class/circuit use

Single Session $25
10 Pack $200
20 Pack $340
Cardio/Strength Circuit $69
Combo of Circuit & Classes $155
In Home
Single session $125
10 Pack $1000

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