Desira Barnes

Desira is a California grown artist who has been in NYC since Feb ’09 pursuing a career in Pilates, Modern Dance, and Choreography.  Desira has a background in dance and began her training in San Jose California. She received her B.A in dance from San Jose State University. She moved to N.Y in February 2009 and has danced for Faye Driscoll, Dajhia Ingram Dance, and Sasha Soreff Dance Theater.  She is currently certified as a Pilates Mat, Apparatus, and Core Suspension instructor.  She has been teaching Circuit and Bouncing Lab and plans on completing a Personal Training Certification in Feb. 2011 at The Lab. She is super excited for the future and all of the experience she will gain here at The Lab.   Desira is all about getting your mind connected to your body, through endless abdominal activation. So, if you think you’re tight? You could be tighter!

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