Hank Hanstad

Always fascinated by the human body’s capacity for movement, expression and change, Hank has spent the last 16 years as a contemporary dancer, choreographer, yoga practitioner and teacher. This all led him to the Lab and a career in fitness/bodywork.  Hank is certified in personal training, pilates Apparatus and Mat instruction, and TRX Core Suspension. He is excited about offering a lot more “MYO” small group classes at the Lab

Addressing each client’s needs and goals with specificity, patience and encouragement is at the heart of Hank’s unique training philosophy.  He draws from a diverse movement background to give new and challenging work, as well as to identify and release unnecessary tension. His study of aerobic fitness, pilatesalignment and dynamic weight training is complimented by his study of the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, yoga, and other anatomy-centered, release-based movement systems like the Klein Technique and the Bartenieff Fundamentals.

Hank loves working with clients who are seeking physical transformation or who want to know their bodies in a deeper way through movement.  He finds rewards in working with those who have injuries or those who are in some way disconnected to their bodies. He also loves the challenge of working closely with very athletic clients who are ready to tackle vigorous cross-training workouts to catapult their physical conditioning to a new level.  Hank believes that we don’t “fix” the body.  We gather awareness of its needs, come to accept it as it is, and take action toward growth and change.

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